Vision – Mission – Core Values

In order to achieve the goal, the founding members have researched, learned and applied advanced technology into Vietnam. Vietnam Thermal Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. has set a Vision – Mission – The core value of the company:

  • Vision

–  Do not stop researching to update the development of new technologies and products, orienting to develop high quality and standard products.

–  Always listen to customers’ opinions to constantly develop.

–  Become a leading supplier of combustion equipment and control technology in Vietnam.

–  Becoming a technology center, is an important link in the system of Limpsfield and Autoflame firms in Vietnam and in the region.

–  Applying advanced scientific solutions in the world, to meet the development needs of factories and businesses.

  • Mission

–  Applying the most advanced technologies in the world, offering high quality, fuel-efficient products, reducing emissions for sustainable environmental protection for the community.

–  Provide high technology products, complete automation, simple operation, easy maintenance, fuel saving, reduce maintenance costs, highly competitive, meet the demand, reduce costs for customer.

– Create added value for the company, bring economic and spiritual benefits to members, employees, customers and bring benefits to society.

  • The core value

–  Creative, responsible is the firm foundation.

–  Quality products and professional and effective services determine the existence of the business.

–  Human resources are the foundation for the development of the company.

–  The enthusiastic support of customers and partners is the foundation for sustainable development. Share benefits to enhance the value of life and community development.