Provides Limpsfield burners and Autoflame control equipment

Heattech is the technology center of Limpsfield manufacturer and UK manufacturer of Autoflame control equipment in Vietnam, which is an important link in the worldwide system of Lipmsfield and Autoflame.

With a team of leading engineers and technical experts in the thermal technology industry in Vietnam. Keep up to date with the most advanced and advanced products and technologies in the world to bring customers, businesses and factories the best products, up to the standard with the fuel-saving solutions most and most effective:

–  Supply burner (Burner) of Limpsfield (UK), used for fuels such as LPG, CNG, … DO and HFO and other gas and liquid fuels.

–    Supply system, control device for Boiler / Burner (Combustion Managemnt Boiler / Burner) of Autoflame (UK):

  • System, monitoring equipment for boiler / burner management.
  • Emission monitoring system and equipment (EGA).
  • Level measuring equipment and boiler water supply.
  • Devices of pressure, temperature, flame monitoring, etc.

–    Provide equipment and systems for pressure and gas supply (LPG. CNG …) Of DUNGS.

–    Provide control and automation equipment of ABB, Siemmens …

–    In addition, we also provide industrial electrical equipment from companies such as Cadisun, LS …

Technical experts, highly qualified engineers and qualified and specialized, experienced, dedicated technicians and highly responsible for the work, committed to bring to customers High quality products, the most safe, fuel-efficient and efficient solution. Our motto: “DISCOUNT FOR EMISSION – SAVE MONEY FOR YOU – OUR SOLUTION”, Heattech is proud to be a reliable and reputable partner for customers, corporations and factories.